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2017-09-22 16:02

Welcome to Process Supply, LLC


Headquartered in Kingsport, Tennessee with locations in Loudon, TN and now Roanoke VA (additional future expansion plans for Greenville SC in the works) Process Supply, LLC sets itself apart from traditional wholesale industrial distributors with an employee owned model that promises an unmatched service level by a team of associates who have “skin in the game”.
Process Supply, LLC represents 23 Exclusive Manufacturing Partnerships and offers local inventory levels that are unmatched by traditional “distribution center mentality”. Add to that, the fact that our inventory investment is as much as 70% Made in USA. Our model is to support Local and US Manufacturers first and whenever feasible. Additionally we choose our partners based on their own strengths, product features and benefits and ability to offer a premium product along with above and beyond customer support.
In a recent meeting with a large industrial contractor we were told “We had helped their company improve their overall project completions, enabling them to handle more work and had assisted in their raising overall profit margins”.. We accomplished this by repeatedly delivering on time and complete and exceeding project delivery requirements as well as locating those hard to find items that typically delay project completion.
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